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  • Give Yourself A Lift

    Here are 10 things you can do to give yourself a lift:

    1. You’re OK
    Everyone’s different but we’ve all got something to offer. Don’t give yourself a hard time!

    2. Keep active
    It’s amazing what a little exercise can do for you. Keep it simple, just choose an activity you like doing anyway – whether it’s sport, swimming, walking, dancing or cycling. It’ll give you mental energy too.

    3. Get out there
    Talking to yourself all day is no help. So why not get out of the house and see what everyone else is up to. Join a club, meet up with friends, get involved with local events – there’s loads going on if you look.

    4. Eat well
    What you eat has a surprising effect on how you feel. So if it’s a choice between a burger or a smoothie...go for the smoothie!

    5. Stay in touch with friends
    Friends are important, so it’s good to keep in contact. And they matter most when you’re not feeling so great. So send a text, log onto Facebook/Bebo or make a call.

    6. Take five
    Find space in your day for things to help you unwind, like listening to music, reading or watching movies.

    7. Do something you’re good at
    Give yourself a free boost. Whether it’s babysitting, cutting the grass, making a toasted sandwich – we all have things we’re good at. When you’ve tackled the easy stuff the big things don’t seem so hard.

    8. Don’t ignore your worries
    If you’re feeling stressed or worried, just blocking it out with alcohol or something isn’t the solution. Find someone to talk things over with and you’re half way to fixing the problem.

    9. Ask for help
    Everyone needs a dig-out. Asking for help in tough times is a sign of strength.

    10. Talk to someone now!
    Last but not least – talk about it! When you’re feeling low, talking about how you feel will help. Talk to someone you trust and if you feel there is nobody to talk to, call a helpline such as:
    Samaritans – call 1850 60 90 90 or email
    Teen-line Ireland – call 1800 833634 or visit
    Childline –  call1800 666666 or visit


    Looking Out for Each Other


    See the Signs

    If someone can’t talk about their problems, it may take a friend or family to help out. Naturally, we all get stressed out and irritable sometimes. These feelings are normal and will usually pass, but if they don’t go away they can be the symptoms of a mental health problem.
    So how do you spot a real problem? Look out for these typical warning signs:


    •  A drop in performance at school or in hobbies
    •  Avoiding friends, family, school, work, sports or other things that they usually enjoy
    •  A big change in mood or loss of control in certain situations
    • Broken sleep patterns – too much or too little
    • Disturbed eating patterns – again, too much or too little
    • Getting obsessed about a particular issue
    • Loss of interest in the way they look

    If you think that someone you know might be having problems talk to them. Most people will turn to a friend for support during tough times, so being there for your friends can really help.

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