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The Ladybirds

The Ladybirds is a group for young Lesbian, Bi-sexual and Transgender women.

  • What We Have Done

    Heres a quick overview of all the various activities that the Lady Birds group has been up to over the last while.


    The LadyBirds have been involved with aLAF (a Lesbian Arts Festival) for the last few years. Last year we submitted photographs for the pho9tographic exhibition as part of the festival in Filmbase.

    Short films

    We also made short films with the help of an artist which were shown in Filmbase throughout the festival weekend and also during GAZE the Lesbian and Gay film Festival.

    Magazine production 

    We produced two issues of our very own magazine G.I.G (Girls Into Girls) each year. This involved working with a journalist from GCN for the second issue. We wrote stories, articles on our favourite music, film stars etc. and designed a storyboard about two honourary lesbian dolls called Heidi and Jess.

    Exchange programmes

    The LadyBirds have linked with a similar group in England and have gone on an exchange programme twice, two Summers in a row.

    Chilling out 

    When we’re not busy working on art projects we chill out, sit around chatting and drinking ridiculous amounts of tea!

    Sexual Health 

    A four week long course covering all aspects of women’s health and sexual health.


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Parliament House, 13 Parliament Street, Dublin 2, Ireland
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01 670 6223

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